Monday, 21 December 2009

Back to reality soon

Just two days in the USA - I hope the East Coast snow storm hasn't screwed up the air transport system too much. I'll be back in Edinburgh in time for the endless wrapping parcels and visiting relatives. It's been a good break out here, plus so far I've not broken any of my bones.

I see that the Copenhagen conference on Climate was pretty much a waste of time with the "developing" countries digging their heels in and wanting to keep increasing the amount of emitted Carbon. I foresee that the only way forward is for the "western" countries to impose a carbon tax on imported/locally produced goods that is proportional to the amount of energy used to create and transport the goods. The tax raised should be used to develop low energy technologies. Meanwhile something has to be done about population growth in the third world. It is the prime driver in the global warming problem. I touched on the matter in the first Adam Cranford book - Teen Valour.


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