Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Back in the UK - chaos

In Feb 2009 local authorities were having trouble getting sufficient supplies of road salt to treat the roads in the UK. Yet still we see reports in December 2009 that the Local Authorities have not learned their lesson, with lorries queueing for over a mile to get salt supplies. When the Automobile Association warns in advance that salt supplies are too low people like Councillor David Sparks of the Local Government Association say, "It is ridiculous scaremongering for the AA to suggest that councils are not prepared for prolonged winter weather." These local Government Officials penny pinch on holding salt stocks and pretend that they can get extra supplies at short notice. Meanwhile the rest of the UK population suffer chaos when snow falls. Now it's snowing here in Scotland.

I note that Peter Mandelson, the unelected Business Secretary chooses to release news about a £533,000,000 cut in University Funding just before the Christmas Break, no coincidence in timing there.

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