Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Greatest Threat to the British Armed Forces

It strikes me that the great threat to the UK Armed forces is the Labour Government. We now have talk of further reducing the strength of the Armed Forces from 175,000 to 140,000.  This is from the Labour Government that is only too keen to commit our armed forces to places like Afghanistan or the illegal war in Iraq. At the same time the Labour Government has allowed uncontrolled immigration to the UK. These immigrants legal and illegal suck up benefits payments with no real return to our country. Sure these benefit supported incomers will bolster the votes for Labour at the time of an election, but at what cost to our country? Certainly one cost is a reduced defence budget.

There are now many places in the UK where the English population has been displaced by immigrants. Anyone who wants to dispute that should take a wander around the Whitechapel area of London. There are many more such places.

I don't blame the immigrants for wanting to come, I do blame the incompetent officialdom who have allowed this uncontrolled influx.

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