Monday, 11 January 2010

Sharp knives need sharp minds

Myleene Klass, alone in her house with her young daughter, armed herself with a kitchen knife inside her own home when she spotted intruders in her garden. She said the attending police warned her about the use of an offensive weapon. Since then embarrassed senior officers have denied that any such warning was given to Ms Klass. Personally I don't see why she should make up such a story.
The legal officialdom is far too quick to persecute the innocent in this country. The law must be changed so that people in their own homes have the right to equip themselves for defence without the worry that they are going to be prosecuted. The police have a poor record of quickly attending such situations and are ineffective at providing protection from criminals.
It would make a pleasant change if the police and courts served the general public rather than tried to control them. Criminals intruding into private property should automatically lose any protective rights against the people defending their safety and property. No-one has forced the criminals to enter the property.

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