Saturday, 26 November 2011

Another senior nurse goes from UK NHS

Yesterday a highly skilled senior Cardiac nursing sister left the UK NHS. She'd worked at a central London hospital for many years. During the period she self-funded BSc and MA degree qualifications in medicine. She was managing a ward of critically ill cardiac patients. Tired of the clinical nurse staffing cuts under Lansley, the excessive unpaid overtime (12 hour days) and professional bullying abuse from some doctors/managers she decided to leave. She could no longer tolerate the disrespect from her Acute Hospital Trust employers.
She's looked around and has found a senior post in a middle east hospital. She's instantly doubled her salary, has paid for accommodation and it is all tax free.

It is fascinating yet unsurprising that the Acute Trust Board discuss a survey on staff concerns and conclude that people are happy. In reality the medical staff are angry and frustrated. It is time for the board members to get away from the board room and go actually meet the workers. Such bullying can have severe financial consequences.

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