Monday, 1 March 2010

New edition of Company Mole

There's going to be a revised edition of Company Mole. We've just got the re-edited version back from our new copy editor Autumn Conley and she has picked up loads of errors. The new edition goes to press in the next ten days or so. Curses on Thomas the original editor.

I've been running a competition to win a solid gold bar for the Adam Cranford marketing. It was surprising how poor the response was to an advert in the regional press. We are monitoring the initial response website, so have pretty clear figures. Still it makes a change from the London Evening Standard who actually banned one of my early adverts because it contained the word "Teen". Political correctness gone mad. I did have a great laugh when the Evening Standard was sold for 50 pence to a Russian Business Man. It is maybe a sign that regional newspapers are effectively dead.


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