Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lansley's NHS

Andrew Lansley has published his plan for privatisation of the NHS, ooops I mean health reforms. They cement my view that the concept of the NHS Walk-In Centre is thoroughly dead. There is no mention of Walk-In Centres in the Primary Care bit of the plan (item 44), the GP lobby in the Lansley advice coterie is getting its way. They are determined that the public will attend their [private partnerships] surgeries at a time convenient to the well paid  GPs rather than the needs of the public. People go to Walk-In Centres because they either can't get the service they need from their GP or the quality of service is so bad that they seek an alternative.

Meanwhile I've been contacted by a Nurse Practitioner (30+ year's experience, Masters degree in medicine) who tells me his future employment is so uncertain that he's stopped buying a season ticket for travel to work. He now only buys a weekly rail ticket.

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