Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Gauleiters in Nottinghamshire

It seems that the officials in Newark and Sherwood District Council have suddenly become outraged that some dog owners are not clearing up dog mess in the public parks. The reaction of the Councillors is typical officialdom - they have banned all dogs from the public parks. Typical punishment of the innocent majority in a vain attempt to deal with a few offenders. If I was a dog owner in that district I'd sue the councillors for Malfeasance. 

Dogs have been defecating in parks for over 100 years. Now it suddenly seems to be a problem.  Laws exist to deal with people who do not clean up. Banning all dogs + owners is Collective Punishment. In one of the parks where I take my dogs (yes I do clean up) the local officialdom threatened the same in their usual anonymous way. When their next public meeting was flooded with angry dog owners there was a rapid U-Turn by the  Gauleiters.


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