Sunday, 4 November 2012

Post-Sandy situation predicted

Many of the post Hurricane Sandy problems in New York and New Jersey could have been alleviated if the authorities had followed the guidelines in my Foundation of Honour Handbook and had set up social groups to help after the event of a major regional disaster.

Such problems as:
  • Lack of fuel;
  • No access to power;
  • Contacting lost friends and family;
  • Limited food and shelter;
 could have been prepared for in advance and local populations be prepared for self help at a low cost.  Copies of the books are available on Amazon in e-book form. If anyone cannot afford the couple of bucks price contact me at and I'll send you a copy free.

There are other measures the authorities could have taken like forcing gas stations to hold 15 days supply of gas with protected standby generators to allow the pumping of fuel when mains electricity is available. The "just in time" stock holding of 2-3 days gas (petrol) might make a slight improvement in short term  company profits, but it is a lousy call when it comes to public infrastructure resilience.

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