Sunday, 1 July 2012

A couple of new books

I've recently published a couple of short books for the Adam Cranford Series.

The first new book The Foundation of Honour Handbook (ISBN 9781907250101) is for new members of the Foundation of Honour. It contains such things as Code of Conduct, Ranks, Membership structure, Activities and  the Foundation's role in Public Service (Civil Defence).

The second new book Design of a Foundation Moot (ISBN 9781907250118) describes the features and design of the central meeting building for a local county company of the Foundation of Honour.

At present they are only available on Amazon using their Kindle service, but don't worry if you do not possess a Kindle as Amazon provide free reader software for use on other devices such as PCs. If there is sufficient demand we'll make them available in a printed format, subject to the agreement of the publishers. All of the Adam Cranford series books are available on Amazon except for one called Teen Valour People which is on Lulu.

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